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ice rinks in Barcelona

Ice skating rinks in Barcelona

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is a city best known for its art, architecture, and vibrant night scene. But as the temperature drops, the city transforms into a magical winter wonderland with a variety of recreational activities. One winter tradition that both locals and tourists love is ice skating. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or lacing up your skates for the first time, Barcelona offers a range of ice skating opportunities that cater to all ages and skill levels.

Note: for the Winter Festival Barcelona 2023 / 2024, not all dates, times and prices are final yet.

During the winter months, several ice rinks pop up around Barcelona. These temporary ice rinks are located in popular shopping malls and city squares, providing a festive atmosphere amidst Christmas lights and decorations. In addition to these, Barcelona also houses some impressive permanent rinks which offer a chance for winter sports all year round. Here, we’ll highlight some of the top places to go ice skating in Barcelona this winter.

FC Barcelona Ice Rink

Located within the FC Barcelona Stadium Camp Nou area, one of the world’s most famous football clubs, this rink is open all year round. It has seen the practice and development of many skating champions and even houses a professional ice hockey team. Its accessibility and quality make it a perfect choice for both locals and tourists.

Skating Club Barcelona

Another all-year-round facility, Skating Club Barcelona has been hosting ice skaters since 1972. Its large rink and skating school make it a popular choice for both recreational skaters and those looking to improve their skills.

Ice skating rink at La Maquinista

In the festive season, the popular shopping centre La Maquinista opens a temporary ice rink. This offers a great opportunity for families and shoppers to take a break and enjoy some ice skating.

Ice skating rink at KaliuGEL

KaliuGEL sets up a temporary ice rink in Parc del Fòrum. Apart from ice skating, this location offers stunning sea views and is known for its family-friendly atmosphere.

Ice Skating rink at Illa Diagonal

The upscale shopping center, Illa Diagonal, also hosts a temporary ice rink during the winter season. Surrounded by high-end stores and festive decorations, this rink offers a unique and luxurious skating experience.